FreeWave's WavePro loves to play outside. The harsher the better.

  • Ruggedized to operate in the world's harshest environments like the Saudi Arabian Desert.

  • High-speed VVDS (Voice, Video, Data, and Sensor Data) to manage diverse devices like RTUs, cameras, reclosers, and smart meters.

  • 40 Mbps point-to-multipoint throughput at the network edge

  • Industrial-grade, scalable outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot performance with Band Steering

  • Self-healing point-to-multipoint mesh technology

  • Speeds up to 1.3 Gbps

  • Shorthaul point-to-point wireless networking with up to 86Mbps throughput for 10 miles

  • Compatible with other FreeWave products and 802.3 devices​

It’s an ideal in-field area network solution for industrial applications that need extremely reliable communications, such as:


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Industry’s Most Rugged IIoT Multi-Functional Access Point

WaveProTM WP201

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