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Hit a Hole-in-One with FreeWave's Outdoor Wi-Fi: WavePro™

Do more with Wi-Fi:
  • It's your "Billy Baroo": Voice, Video, Data and Sensor information (VVDS™) over one network.
  • More than just Internet access
    • Control your irrigation systems
    • Expand your food and beverage services with smartphone ordering
    • Enable real-time supply and inventory management.
  • Enable your guests to connect instantly throughout the course with ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage.

Reduce OpEx:

  • Reduce cellular costs with VoIP handsets and tablet communications


  • Improve course traffic and round speeds with video monitoring


  • Communicate with Wi-Fi enabled soil sensors to optimize water usage                                                         

Ruggedized for the most challenging environments:

  • With WavePro WP201, you’ll stay out of the rough. It’s built to withstand your water hazards, sand traps and nasty weather.


  • Proven ruggedized IP67 design: from the sands of Saudi Arabia to the downpours in Florida, WavePro has delivered in the harshest conditions.