Sensor-2-Server™: Intelligent Data Communication at the Access Layer

Sensor-2-Server (S2S) is intelligent communication that begins at the sensor level and targets specific servers for specific reasons. These servers could include anything from a SCADA data server that collects and monitors through the SCADA system or a Big Data engine. S2S can be leveraged in a predictive analytics engine that compares the “data at rest” stored in a database to “data in motion” in real time from the access layer (the outer edge) of the IT network.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly adopted by industrial markets, there will be greater demand for video, voice, data and sensor (VVDS™) data communication from the access layer. Industries like oil and gas, electric power, agriculture, and utilities are starting to realize the benefits of S2S when it comes to profitability and cost savings by being able to leverage more advanced intelligence to drive action for change.

This insightful new white paper on “Intelligent Communication: Sensor-2-Server at the Access Layer” from FreeWave Technologies will:
  • Overview S2S and why it’s such a critical component in IoT communication networks

  • Explain how to implement S2S communications

  • Provide examples of industries where S2S applications are being leveraged today

  • Define the Four Tenets of S2S

  • Overview the benefits of intelligent S2S communication

  • Discuss the challenges of security at the sensor level and how to address them


Download our white paper on Intelligent Communication: Sensor-2-Server at the Access Layer