Your data is waiting for you to switch to FreeWave today and save (in more ways than you imagine) 

We know the challenges you face in managing your data in remote industrial locations and keeping ahead of the demands of your field staff, shareholders, and regulatory bodies. It's daunting. Adding or upgrading your existing network with IoT can give you peace of mind and even increase your ability to make critical decisions that impact everyone along the chain.

What we’re here to say is that we’re making it easy to replace those devices that aren’t quite cutting the muster anymore.

Maybe the vendors have stopped supporting their installs. Maybe it’s been more difficult to reach them. Maybe it's just time to get the data you need to make critical business decisions - quickly, securely, and in a way that puts you in control.

FreeWave give you all of that with a robust support team that’s here to help you, every time, every device. What’s better than that -- we’re also offering you a great discount to replace some of those unsupported or in-question devices, today. 

This promotion has ended! Thanks for your interest. If you'd like to talk to a FreeWave representative about ZumLink or another FreeWave solution - let us know!
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